Where are you situated?
We are situated in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Loskop Game Farms is situated at S29°6’10”  |  E24°7’49” ; 89 km from the Kimberley airport and in close vicinity to the renowned Mokala National Park. The farm is easily accessible by road in 2 x 4 vehicles. Transport shuttle services can also be arranged from the airport.

What is the best time of year to come and hunt?
Hunting is excellent throughout the year and it depends on what kind of temperatures you enjoy. October through to March is our summer months and maximum temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius can be expected. April to September is our cooler months and in the middle of Winter, minimum Temperatures of around freezing can be expected early morning and in the evening.

Any malaria in your hunting areas?
The Northern Cape Province is a malaria free area and no other specific vaccines are needed.

What is the best calibre to use in your areas and the average hunting range?
.300 Win Mag is a very good all round calibre for African game. For bigger game a minimum of .375 H&H needs to be used. Hunting range is between 100 to 250 yards.

What type of terrain can be expected?
We offer a big variety of hunting terrains which are more open than the Bushveld. From Kalahari dunes to Savannah Bushveld and to a camel thorn tree forest. Loskop and Theekop are also a bow-hunter’s dream, with various hides at Loskop, and a more intimate, on-foot hunting experience on the rocky terrain at Theekop.

What hunting methods are normally used?
Hunting is mostly done by spot and stalk methods. Hunting vehicles are used to get to good areas to start walking or until game is spotted. Methods can be adjusted according to fitness and preferences of our clients.